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Welcome to The Large Glass blog

We know we are on to something here and we are looking forward to showing you.

When we set out a year ago to simply talk about art on the internet, we had no idea where we would land. The Large Glass as a live show has become our OBSESSION and we dig deeper and deeper every week to make the show more interesting for you.

Our mission is to bring you art and commentary in simple, approachable language. Art in our culture is under-appreciated and we want to fix that and this blog will be yet another avenue that we can try to do that on.

One of this blog's categories will focus on art speak and how to grasp it, wield it and approach it simply. Another category will focus on individual artists that you may not have heard of. Another will focus on Todd's top 10 each month.

Join us and let us know what you think in the comments. Art is a conversation and we want to bring you to it.


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