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Terri's Thoughts on Tonight's Show

It's the Holliday Season! Time for some Holliday cheer!

Is it kismet that Mr. Frank Holliday will be joining us tonight on Episode 69 for our Holliday Extravaganza? Could we have found a more appropriate artist to talk to on this day- our winter solstice?

We will chat about his work, of course. On a serious note, he has been compared to Turner and Monet for his use of paint and provocation of light and energy. Holliday is deservedly one of the most admired and respected contemporary artists in today's art world. The trajectory of his legacy will most likely establish him as one of the greatest Neo-expressionists of all time.

But . . .

I mean . . .

Come on:

His life.

Can we look at that?

Let's talk longevity. Let's talk struggles. Let's talk pioneer on the frontier of major projects like Club 57 and hanging out with other artworld demigods like Warhol, Basquiat and Haring. The voluptuousness and expressive vulnerability so evident in his paintings today is the refined capitulation to maturing after a tumultuous albeit fun period of exploration seen in his informative years. Celebrating and revisiting this earlier period enhances our appreciation and understanding of his work today, and we are delighted to chat about all of these things on tonight's show.

Club 57 was celebrated in a 2017 exhibition at the MoMA with an exhibit entitled "Club 57: Film, Performance, and Art in the East Village 1978-1983". In commemoration, the MoMA featured Holliday as our docent, taking us through the show while reminiscing and providing exclusive insight to the time, space and vibe of this revolutionary establishment.

In recognizing Holliday's beginnings, we see that the vitality present in his work today may be the visual manifestation of the energy and exploration from his sophomoric years channeled through the wisdom, skill and sensitivity of a sophisticated artist. His work and practice is beautifully depicted in Christian Nguyen's Art Talks: In the Studio series which gives us a glimpse of Holliday as we know him today.

Please join us tonight, December 21st on The Large Glass as we talk to Frank Holliday live from his New York studio.


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