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Meet Marcel

Marcel is a 1987 Volkswagen Westfalia Camper and we love him. He will serve as our mobile office/base of operations when we are not streaming from the studio and also provide an incredible space to draw inspiration from when we are out and about meeting all of you.

I feel extremely fortunate to have found Marcel as these vans are growing more scarce (aka INSANELY expensive) especially in the face of the pandemic. Disclaimer: we picked up Marcel for a very reasonable price. There is an obvious sense of freedom and mobility that comes with owning a Westy and more and more people are looking for that. Terri and I had been looking for a camper for quite some time and when this showed up, we had to act fast.

Marcel's interior is unbelievable. He sleeps 4 (2 up, 2 down), it has a fridge that runs on propane or 12v dc or 120v, it has a gas stove that runs on a propane tank that is under the body, a functioning sink with a 14 gallon fresh water reservoir, storage and the list goes on. I plan on posting regularly about how we use Marcel so certainly tune in for more of that.

Here is a diagram of the interior of a typical Westfalia T3 (Type 3 - more on this in a bit)

Ours has a few differences from this one on the interior. Note the way the captains chairs in the front swivel so the table can be mounted in between. Ours has 2 tables. A smaller one like that pictured above and a larger one that can be mounted just behind the stove on that flat surface.

I think the biggest thing about Marcel that appeals to me is that this thing is so far outside of the mainstream vehicle nowadays. This is my 9th VW in my life and I have always enjoyed the feeling of being behind the wheel of something that is radically different from everything else out there. It feels special... when people see it they smile. More than that, it makes me feel like art makes me feel. I feel a greater, more connected presence and my surroundings when I am in the space of something that lies on the fringe. Ordinary does not really interest me.

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