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Maureen Dougherty 101

Updated: Aug 3, 2022

Transparency in art: . . . vulnerability, hints at process, risk-taking, repeated trials . . . Bravery . . . This is the stuff that really draws me towards someone's portfolio. Also add in some sexy taboo hints, homages to other artists, playfulness . . . and some quirk . . . this is the stuff that grabs my full attention.

Images taken from the Instagram of Maureen Dougherty

Maureen Dougherty is all of this. She teases with Picasso, Matisse and Goya references (to name just a few), but modernizes and recreates relevance as she re-contextualizes what we know of art, portraiture and the portrayal of the human and animal figure. References to selfie culture and notions of sexiness revive this legacy. Unafraid to reveal progress in both thought and execution, Dougherty's Instagram is frequently updated with new material, either evolving compositions or all new imagery. Considering her more abstract background, the figures represent a dynamic, bold and invigorating direction. Her classic palette of blues, flesh tones and more neutral earth tones are revived with flashes of hot colors and gestural design. Repetition of motifs and pattern connects us to this curious and titillating perspective of portraiture in art history, refreshing the canon and injecting it with new flavor.

Images taken from the Instagram of Maureen Dougherty

Maureen will be joining us on Episode 101 of The Large Glass to talk about her newest pieces, and we have to say, we are most intrigued by how she came to this process. Join us this Tuesday night (and every Tuesday night) for an unforgettable discussion at 8 pm EST on the platform of your choice ( Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch!).


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