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Herb and Dorothy Vogel

The Vogels were an unassuming powerhouse art-collecting duo in the midcentury New York art gallery scene. Herb worked nightshifts for the United States Postal Service and Dorothy was a librarian. One salary was used to pay living expenses (Dorothy's) while the other salary was used to amass an enviable art collection (Herb's). Because of their passion, their tenacity, their charm and their dedication, they collected well over 4700 pieces of art from nearly 200 artists.

"The Collectors" by WIll Barnet. 1977. National Gallery of Art.

Want to collect like the Vogels, but don't have a salary to sacrifice for the sake of art? Here's a few pointers to build your collection. The best principle is to collect what you love.

  1. Stay abreast of your favorite artists on Instagram and other social media outlets. By following them, you get first-hand information of any drops, releases, sales, appearances, etc.

  2. Check out your local arts hub. Don't know where to start? Try an internet search pairing your township's, county's or even state's name with words like "art" or "arts and culture". Make appearances at local openings and events and get to know the artists in your community. Participate in studio tours and buy directly from artists when you can.

  3. Check out sites like Sites like these feature a wide array of artists and their pieces that are for sale.

  4. Venture into the metropolitan areas closest to you and tour the galleries.

  5. Watch our show to learn about a new artist every week and to find out how you can follow them and collect their work!

Watch Episode 77- our Valentine's edition in which we chat about the Vogels and more art collecting tips.

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