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Episode 80: Jane Fine

In a New York Times article penned in 2005, Benjamin Genocchio stated that Jane Fine's paintings are "like 'Saving Private Ryan' crossed with a banana split, or reading Pentagon memos on wine and LSD". As one surveys her brightly colored pieces, spills of pigmentation spread across the surface, and color becomes corralled by doodle. There seems to be abstracted landscapes that echo sentiments of war, but more from an illustrative standpoint, almost making her commentary quirky if not funny. Her renderings have sweet hues (think artificial color and flavoring: lime, tangerine, watermelon and blue)- so sweet that they might be considered sickly at times; her palette is bright and engaging, and one easily loses himself or herself in the alternating control and chaos.

The promise of her rejoining us at a later time with her husband and partner, James Esber, is something to look forward to. Known as J. Fiber, this collaborative art duo creates a personality that produces surreal imagery. In viewing some of the imagery, I see nods to Bacon and Guston.

We talked to Jane on Episode 80 of TLG and were blown away by her candid transparency as well as her life story and how it affected her painting. Jane absorbs the world around her, processes it, and gives it back to us in juicy visual bites. See what Jane had to say to us right here:

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