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Episode 79: DKLA Designs- A Big Art Love Story

When you first review the website of Don Kennell and Lisa Adler, you'll notice particular words like "love" and "community" in the description of their history together as a duo and as as collaborative artists. These themes permeate throughout their long narrative together that began with the collaborative effort of creating an "art car" that was commissioned by Art Matters in NYC in 1995, an indoctrination into interactive public sculpture.

Most of their work today is large-scale and somewhat immersive experience. Collaboration is key, and although some roles overlap, others are clearly defined.

"DKLA Design was incorporated in 2015. Don makes design drawings and leads the fabrication crew. Lisa focuses on community engagement. Our designs draw people in, to develop a relationship that connects the viewer to the place and the art becomes a part of a person’s experience. This synergy between the location, the artwork and viewer is significant. It is the goal of public art: to bring art into peoples’ lives." ~ DKLA Design.

If you missed Episode 79, you can check it out here:

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