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Episode 103: D. Jack Solomon

In order to prepare for this week's show, D. Jack Solomon sent us several beautiful catalogs of his work- one from his recent show, Further Notice at the Carrie Chen Gallery in Great Barrington, MA.

The press release describes his work as a culmination of musicality (rhythm, syncopation, tonality, tempo changes), popular culture motifs, color, forms, and vibrant energy. Relationships between elements within the composition engage our eyes to float within the space, inviting us to interact within the abstraction.

Furthermore, Solomon sheds light on his making and process with the Carrie Chen Gallery and has been quoted to say the following:

“Inventing a unique structure that positions disparate elements to the whole is one of the most challenging and motivating facets of making my art. I have been intrigued throughout my creative life with the similarities among all the arts as to how component parts assembled within a specific context come to a desired gestalt. It is the organization and orchestration in musical composition that I most profoundly relate to and have been influenced by.”

We are delighted that D. Jack Solomon will be joining us on TLG to talk about his latest work. Join us this Tuesday night (and every Tuesday night) for an unforgettable discussion at 8 pm EST on the platform of your choice ( Facebook, Youtube, or Twitch!).

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