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Nothing beats a glass of wine and some good painting

...except of course reading what you may write about us...

Below you will find a link to our downloadable press kit. It contains bios, images, important links, our logo 

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Our Story

Todd and Terri's story begins long before they started The Large Glass and it is certainly a notable one. Their connections to each other and to the art world go back more than 25 years. They enjoy their kids, driving their vintage VW camper, making art and talking with others about the vast world of visual art, studio practice and exhibitions. 


Todd Lambrix is an artist, a dad, a maker and a world builder. He has a Masters Degree from the Rhode Island School of Design. He has enjoyed 2 decades of teaching at the college level. His studio, his making, his teaching, his parenting all have a common foundation. Art as life permeates his world. His roots go back to a long line of craftspeople and artists with a great, great grandmother who was a Pre-Raphaelite painter, a grandfather who was a big band leader, a father who is a machinist and a mother who can sew just about anything. 

Terri McNamara is a nurse, a mom, an artist, a musician and a writer. She has a fierce sense of commitment to anything she puts her mind to. Terri holds a number of degrees from English to Nursing and is even finishing a Master's degree as you read this. She grew up watching her father paint and her mother make ceramics and their family farm was never without an abundance of studio materials, other artists or music. 

Meet The Team

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